Friday, 28 November 2008

Konciza Prezento de mia Filozofio en Esperanto

Jen tempo por ĝisdatiĝo :

Mi principe serĉas konekton kun homoj, kiuj havas klerajn opiniojn kaj kiuj havas pasion por siaj variaj interesoj kaj kromokupoj (viziti amikojn, la konejon, butikumi aŭ aŭskulti muzikon ne estas interesoj!).

Persone, mi havas multajn variajn interesojn, kiujn mi pasie sekvas kaj pri kiuj mi estas klera kaj konas bone.

Jen kelkaj el ili, kiuj faras la homon, kiu mi estas.

Miaj lingvoj: mi parolas pli-malpli flue kvar lingvojn, kiujn mi uzas regule en mia ĉiutaga vivo kaj laboro kaj mi scipovas kvar aliajn, kiujn mi konas je diversaj niveloj de parolkapableco.

Mia spiriteco: mi aktive sekvas kaj praktikas filozofiojn, kiuj plialtigas la spiriton kaj afirmas la vivon kaj mi eĉ instruas kelkajn filozofiojn, ekl. Wicca kaj meditado al grupoj kaj individuaj homoj.Mi estas dediĉita al vegetarismo.

Mi praktikas komplementan medicionon: mi havas kvalifikojn en masaĝo kaj Tradicia Ĉina Medicino kaj Akupunkturo kaj tiel estas mia laboro.

Kelkaj el mia artikoloj kaj eseoj estas publikitaj en diversaj libroj kaj revuoj kaj pasintece mi laboris ĉe televida programo. Mi estas tradukisto de diversaj libroj, kiuj aĉeteblas en la butikoj kaj mi estas verkante aliajn tradukaĵojn en almenaŭ 3 aliaj lingvoj.

Kuirado estas unu el miaj pasioj kaj tiu estas parte ligita al mia laboro.

Mi ne tiom sportumas, kvankam mi deziras esti pli aktiva, tamen vi povas trovi min pedalanta sur mia ekzerzobiciklo en la salono antaŭ la televidilo – mi anstataŭigos tiun por ski-maŝinon!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

The New Home for Language and Spirituality

My Profile 

This is my first Blog so it will be quite a mammoth posting, as I introduce you to who I am, what I believe in, what I preach and what I practice.


• Pour une version français, demande-moi en. Je vous en enverrai une par email.
• Por esperanta versio, petu, ke mi sendu version al vi pere de retpoŝto.
• Yn anffoddus does dim angen fersiwn Cymraeg fan hyn, achos gallai pob Cymry Cymraeg ddarllen Saesneg! Ond fe fydda i'n falch i sgwrsio gyda ti yn Cymraeg, beth bynnag.

Who am I? What do I do? What are my interests? Where am I exaclty?

• I am in the middle of Wales on the border of Snowdonia National Park.

• I live by myself with my four cats. However, I have a wide and intersting collection of friends scattered around the country and indeed the Globe!

• I work as an acupuncturist and holistic therapist and I teach Qi Gong, healing through nutrition and meditation. I also lecture on these subjects, as well as vegetarianism (on behalf of Viva!) and Wiccan/Spiritual Ethics. I have degrees in Chinese Language and in Chinese Medicine.

• I am the Chairperson of a UK-based Holistic Charity and have been for the last 12 years, promoting holistic lifestyles and facilitating week(end) retreats and seminars. I also organise, teach and guide a Wiccan Training Circle.

• I am a committee member for an International Organisation, promoting friendship between peoples of different nationalities and languages through the medium of Esperanto.

• A number of my essays have been published in several books by and I have been one of the translators for 2 books (18th century French to modern English) which are to appear in print this autum/winter (2008) For further details, check out and In addition, I am currently researching and writing 2 books in English and translating a further 2 books from Welsh into Esperanto and English into Welsh.

• I am a Wiccan High Priest of Alexandrian Linage. Having said that, I have interests and sympathies with a few other philosophies and religions, amongst which are Liberal Judaism and Raelianism, although I do not accept all of their teachings wholesale and certainly not without question.

• Being born under an Air Sign (Libra), communication is very important to me and I use 5 seperate languages in my work as a matter of course (English, Welsh, Esperanto, French and Chinese) and I am more or less (not completely, however) fluent in the first four of them. 

• I have studied Chinese, Spanish and German at University level although I am no longer fluent in these languages due to lack of use and practice and I am currently learning Hebrew and improving my Welsh at nightschool.

• I have also lived in China, Hong Kong, the Philippines and in France for significant periods of time. I am also fairly well-travelled although there are some parts of the world I would love to visit still, but I will get there!

• In addition to all the above interests and activities, I am also a very keen cook of vegetarian exotic delights and I enjoy hosting dinner parties.

I promote the following

• Holistic and healthy lifestyles.

• International understanding and friendship between different languages and peoples through the medium of Esperanto.

• Vegetarian lifesyles as a viable ethical and holistic way of life and as a way of addressing environmental concerns. 

• Some of the organisations I support and/or sponsor are Viva! and The Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation. Positively Healthy. Esperanto Asocio de Britio. British Acupuncture Council, The WWF (not the wrestling one!), the THT and there are plenty of others.

• Compassion for all living creatures.

• Acceptance of other people's lifestyle choices, sexuality (which is not a choice!) and spiritual/religious convictions, with the proviso that they cause harm to none. I deplore people making fun of other people's beliefs, religion or of disabled, gay or transgendered people etc.Tolerence is not acceptable – only full acceptance! If you don't understand somebody’s way of life, then do some research and educate yourselves.

A Selecion of My Philosophy, Beliefs,Teachings and Aphorisms

• I don't expect you to accept what I preach or what I believe in. But I do ask you to respect me for them, as I will respect you for yours.


• You cannot ever expect another person to love you, unless you first truly love yourself. Until you see love reflected back in the mirror you are looking in, you may find it hard to see the love mirrored in your partner's eyes. Find your self-worth first and cherish and nurture it!

• Let go of former partners, spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends etc with love and forgiveness, if need be. Do not obsess over them, spite or hate them. Move on with grace. Hate will attract persons harbouring more hate into your life, who may then come to hate you in time. Adopting an attitude of Love and Forgiveness will attrract persons, who will love and forgive you, if indeed, you need forgiveness.

• Longing after a boyfriend or partner while sitting home alone doing nothing will not cure your lonliness. Making friends might. Get out into the real world and make some new ones. Join a social group; enroll in nightschool, do charitable works! Friends are often for life; lovers are sometimes transient!


• All Gods are one God and all Goddesses are one Goddess. There is one Divine Source and all theist religions ultimately worship the same Source, no matter what they call the Divine.

• If you cannot accept the existance of a Divine Source, then follow other life affirming philosophies such as humanism or raelianism.

• God was made in the image of Man, not the other way round. No one religion, philosophy or spiritual path has the absolute truth. However, they all contain elements of truth and as such, have something valuable to offer. Avoid paths that claim to be the only true path, because they are probably untrue!

• If Jesus came back tomorrow, even his most ardent followers/believers would more than likely not recognise him, reject, hate and despise him. Religion is a man-made phenomenon and has been the tool for tyrant organisations and individuals to control people’s minds and lives and it has been responsible for wreaking so much misery and violence onto the World. A Holy Crusade/War is an oxymoron! 

• If it harms none, then do as you will! Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! What comes around, goes around. An action will have an equal and opposite reaction. 

Spirituality & Personal Growth:

• The most potent forces in the universe are those of love, forgiveness, happiness and gratitude. Cultivate these above all else! Even if you are not forgiven by those whom you have wronged, forgive those, who have wronged you and set an example. There is far too much bitterness in the world already!

• We are all unique and so we should foster that uniqueness. Don't follow the crowd. Adopt and adapt qualities of other people you admire by all means, but don't imitate slavishly. Be yourself!

• When things go from bad to worse, change the focus of your attention and focus only on the good things. You will be surprised at how quickly events turn around for the better when you do. Negativity is usually a state of mind that can be changed by changing your thoughts!

• Thoughts become things: be careful what you repeatedly think about, for these will become part of your reality. Mind magick is powerful, so focus your intent and achieve what you want with clarity. Sloppy thinking will produce a sloppy life and much meandering.

• Making fun of another person because of their appearence or misfortune is not clever. Accepting and befriending them is! Similarly, despising or rejecting a person because of their disability or disease is shallow. One day, you may have to rely on another person's depth of character, kindness and goodwill and the Universe will remember your former shallow behaviour and actions. An act of random kindness will engender more acts of kindness and so forth.

• The Universe has an abundant supply of everything. We just need to attune ourselves into that abundance with our thinking and receive it.

• The trick to knowing where you want to go to in life is knowing what you want in the first place. If you don't know what you want, then start to make a list and work out what it is that you do want! Having fuzzy ideas will always produce fuzzy results. The same goes with partners. Know what kind of person you want and what qualities you find desirable. Don't just leave it to pot-luck and hope for the best! Declare to the Universe what you want in detail and Technicolor and then intend it!

• Compassion to all creatures! Human too! Show an animal love and it will respond accordingly. Treat it will cruelty and it will fear and despise you.

• It is important to know where you came from if you are to know where you are going to. But even not knowing your origins should never be an excuse for not creating a clear path to your future.
• Happiness is a state of mind. So is wealth and health!

Personal Beliefs:

• Tolerance is not the same as acceptance. Tolerance=resentment/fear/contempt; acceptance=love/joy/respect.

• If you want the World to understand you and your culture, then you need to learn how to talk to the World and learn about their culture. Shouting in slow and broken English will not get you understood. Learn a foreign language and talk to your international neighbours! There are about 7000 in current use, so you should not be short of choice! "Can't" is a state of mind – you learned English after all!

• The human digestive system was never designed to digest animal-derived foods and most information to the contrary is written either as profit propaganda or in ignorance. A carnivore may aspire towards greater spirituality, but non-violent diets will allow you to develop even further. 

• A Peaceful Planet starts at your dinner plate. A meal produced in violence will engender more violence. It is true that in order to live, we need to take a life, even plant life. But that should never be an excuse to take the life of an animal for food, as an animal is on a higher level of consciousness than a plant. Plants produce fruits and seeds, which were designed to be ingested by animals in order to reproduce. Animals are sentient, plants are not (although I accept and acknowledge theories and evidence that this may not always be the case – e.g. Wiccan/Pagan theroies of Devas etc.) Offer your food to your Deities and be thankful for it. Give generously when you can, as others have not been as fortunate as you are. 

• I don't believe that Life was an evolutional accident. It is far too complex to have been an random event. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that there may have been some intelligence/consciousness behind Creation, although this may not necessarily have been divine in nature, as some would have us believe. Nor do I believe that the Planet is only a few thousand years old. But Evolution and Creationalism are still both unproven theories and as such, I think it is futile to argue one case against the other as it achieves little, except antagonism between already acrimonious warring factions. Nor do I believe that we are the only intelligent life in the universe. In fact, a lot of what we do and have done, is and has been the opposite of intelligence and quite insane and stupid! Look at what we have done to the Planet. Look at the wars, the greed, the hatred, the violence, the pollution, the apathy etc No wonder intelligent extraterrestrials ignore us! Why would they want to get involved with us or invite us to their planets only for us to ruin their worlds too?


I have other Blogs for other apsects of my life:

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